Monday, June 20, 2022

T stands for ... SunFlowers, Spiders, and Topiaries, ......


Volunteer , wild SunFlowers that is... They've just sprung up in a few places around my dirt yard and i've decided to leave them.. . The other day hubby poured some water on a few of them from the melted ice in his cooler  and we were rewarded with the first bloom!!               

They've come up in the most convenient places, even lined the driveway in a nice straight line.. like i planted them there myself.. lol We'll see what happens... Pictures to follow if they bloom nicely.. 

Speaking of Spiders... this 'little' chap was guarding my front door this week... He seems to have since moved on..  I wish he had stayed honestly.. He's a good bug eater.. As long as he understands his place is outside.. we're all good... 

There's been plenty of time for crafting and painting rocks... I'll leave these for someone to find on one of my walks.. I have a story to tell about painted rocks if anyone cares to hear it let me know. Its a little too long for a multi subject T post.. It will have to have one on its own i think.. lol 

Time for an old project... First time i've ever made a clay face... Looking forward to play with clay some more.. 

This leads to my ticket for T... my coffee mug keeping me company while i glue on petals to a paper mache ball.. 

Drill a hole in the ball... just big enough to fit a cinnamon stick.. 

                           Ta Daaaaaa !!!!!

I think it turned out cute...  I won't be making another one.. BUT i have quite a few petals leftover.. I don't know about sending them over seas but they are pretty light so anyone in the US that would like the leftover petals I'd be happy to send them to you ... first come first serve.. just let me know.. I'd like to see what you make with them.. 

I've been working on my ATC's for the Tparty Anniversay Swap.. And i used all mediums new to me.. ofcourse...loll.. I used yupo paper and alcohol inks and i don't have much experience with embossing ink and powders.. that gave me alot of trouble but i managed a few of them that were passable at least.. I don't think the embossing powder liked the Yupo paper. Even after using a 'no stick powder bag' the embossing powder still stuck to the Yupo paper terribly.. So i had to take a paintbrush and brush off the excess powder... which is a pain in the a**.....  Also any tips on getting the sticky off my stamp would be appreciated!.. 

So much fun working on such a small scale... I hope your joining in the ATC swap... I'm looking forward to seeing what you make! Happy happy T day everyone!! Thank you for stopping by to visit. It means alot to me! Hugs! deb


  1. Your modeled face is very nice, and well placed with the petals.

    best... mae at

  2. Is that poly clay or fire baked clay? Your face turned out great for how you used it. I really like that floral ball it sits in/on. I bet it smells great, too.

    My bunnies or squirrels hopped to Texas and planted the sunflower seeds there! Now I know where mine went (BIG GRIN). So glad you are leaving the sunflowers. They are KS state flower and they are the flower of Ukraine, too.

    I like your Just Breathe rocks. They are wonderful. I can't find smooth rocks here, since I am not around water like I was when I lived in MO.

    I've never used Yupo paper, and wouldn't know what it felt like if it sat in front of me. However, I use VersaMark to emboss. I clean the stamps using baby wipes that are quite wet. You can also use a scrubber sponge:
    Use the dark green side to wipe your stamps off,then wipe down with a baby wipe.

    Thanks for sharing your coffee, your face, your new ball, and your ATC with us for T this week, dear Deb. Thanks, too, for being so prompt with your package with the napkins.

    1. Love the petal art with the face - reminds me of a spiritual Buddha trinket:)
      That spider is very cool looking, but I'm with you on it keeping outdoors.
      I love how the sunflowers are popping up! I keep thinking I should just scatter some seeds and then hope something randomly comes up;)
      Anytime I'm at the beach I think of painting stones and leaving them but somehow the art part is on its own vacation when I'm on mine.
      Happy T day!

  3. How nice that those sunflowers decided to pop up in convenient places. I love sunflowers, so you're lucky that they've self seeded. And I like your rocks too. I bet whoever finds one will enjoy the sentiment. And your face is great too. It's very interesting how you made it. Who would expect a face in the petals. I hope you enjoy your T day and I look forward to your story about the painted rocks. Hugs-Erika

  4. How fun to see sunflowers just popping up in your yard-bringing smiles, I always loved sunflowers.
    You always do fun art projects, your clay face turned out good and I do like how you set him in flowers. I have never embossed so I don't .know anything about that. I think your rocks are wonderful-I love that leaving painted rocks around for others to find. Happy T hugs

  5. Your flower turned out beautifully. I love that you used a cinnamon stick, I bet it smells good.
    Cute rocks. I have never tried it but my daughter loves painting them.
    Happy Tea Day,

  6. Yes, your face turned out well, and I love your ATC so far. I have to make mine yet, because I want to take part in the swap. I have found two different painted rocks on my walks and re-located them. That is fun that you paint them and place them on your walks. Happy T Day!

  7. The clay face looks lovely amidst the petals. I hope that your sunflowers will make it, that would be so wonderful. Happy T day!

  8. I love sunflowers and especially these "days", or sadly weeks they are a strong symbol.
    Yes, please, share the stone story!
    Fun face and great outcome with the petals.
    Absolutely love that cute mouse in the mug.
    Happy T-Day and hugs.

  9. The sunflower looks so pretty. Lucky you! Timex and the other critters ate the sunflower seeds I planted. I guess everything in TX is bigger. That spider would have me singing the high notes and dancing and not in an elegant or graceful way. I hope he does stay outside. Your topiary is very pretty, but I really love your brush holder! Happy T Day

  10. Volunteer sunflowers! What fun! That's a bigger spider than ones I ever see, but I'm in favor of encouraging them as natural pest control.

    I haven't seen painted rocks in ages, so I think it was a passing fad here and didn't catch on as a permanent thing. I did enjoy it while it lasted.

    It's fun to see ATCs again. It's been a while since I saw much of them.

    Happy T Tuesday!

  11. Oh Deb.... glad the sunflowers popped up, the spider is good luck but I am like you stay outside. Now for the clay face BRILLIANT!!! I so hope you join in my Friday Face OFF and show this wonderful piece. I truly think it's brilliant. Plus I like your skeletons in a row. :) Friday Face Off don't forget.

  12. Oh that face among the petals is so lovely! The face is really good and you have given it such a beautiful setting.
    I love your pebbles. Yes, I'd love to read about painted rocks.
    I'm so glad you are not pulling out the rogue sunflowers. All they want is a bit of TLC and they will bloom their hearts out.
    The spider looks quite big. I'm like you. I don't mind them as they are useful and they are a creature after all and I would never kill a spider. But I would rather not have them in my bedroom or bathroom.
    I love the stamp of the little mouse? in the mug. I have the same problem you have when I emboss. I can't advise you on that.
    Happy T-Day,

  13. How wonderful to have sunflowers popping up! That is a big spider but I'd rather see that than a frog! I love your clay face. I will be searching beaches beaches for stones next week! Happy T Day, Chrisx

  14. That's nice to see the sunflowers popping up and so early too (at least for here it would be) and I love the spider! We used to have huge spiders where I used to live and the cat always wanted to eat them ugh, she'd come home with these giant furry legs sticking out of her mouth lol. Sorry for my lateness. Happy T Day! Elle/EOTC xx

  15. oh I nearly forgot, about your sticky stamp, try stamping it with some stazon and that should take care of it. Happy T Day! Elle/EOTC xx